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Programm Sebħ (Dawn)            

After a family spends some weeks in an Emergency Shelter mainly for protection and safety, they are then referred to  Dar Qalb ta’ Gesu by the Domestic Violence Unit (DVU) of the Government Social Care Agency (Appogg). This Second Stage Shelter,  offers a holistic therapeutic service, called Programm Sebh, to a maximum of 9 families who once they are admitted and assigned a residential social worker/ key worker, they are separately accommodated in a flat let.  The flat will give the family the possibility of more privacy for a better independent living.

Families can receive support at the shelter for a period of 18 months and once they terminate their stay they can receive further follow up on voluntary basis for up to 6 months. 

During their stay at the shelter, families will receive the necessary support upon an agreed care plan between the mother/ women and their respective key worker.  There is no age limit of children accompanying their mothers. In fact, the shelter can accommodate sons and daughters over 18 years of age. 

Programm Sebh is coordinated by a Programme Manager, who has the responsibility of the Programme in general and staff performance.  Teams of professionals, working at the shelter are, as follows:

 3 residential social workers/ key workers
 2 social support workers
 6 relievers
 Any other volunteers and students on placement from University, MCAST and other Universities from abroad.

Programm Sebh (Dawn) provides assistance in a number of areas to women, children and adolescents, staying at the shelter with the help and guidance of their key worker. Once there will be the need for further psychological support the key worker upon the consent of the woman / mother, refers to a psychologist, psychotherapist or other professionals.  Programm Sebh supports families in the following areas:

 Home Management Skills
 Budgeting Skills
 Parenting Skills
 Employment skills and further educative support
 Support in legal matters
 Self-awareness and empowerment skills
 Support in alternative accommodation
 Support at referring to psychological services for both women, children and adolescents
 Social activities and outings

The team at Programm Sebh receives ongoing training, group supervision and individual internal supervision by the Programme Manager.