Dar Qalb ta’ Ġesù (better known locally as l-Istitut ta’ Cini) is a very large house situated on the main road of Sta. Venera.  This house has a long history of providing shelter for marginalized  persons or those  in socially vulnerable circumstances.

As a young girl Adelaide Cini had taken into her care, women and their children who were living in prostitution or had a criminal record. Before her death Adelaide had sought the help of the Sisters of Charity who until approximately 18 years ago were carrying out similar work in that they were looking after orphaned children or children who needed to be in care because of difficult family situations.

The Sisters of Charity were unable to continue their dedicated work and the Archdiocese of Malta appointed a lay administrator to carry on with this care. 

Nowadays the same Home, offer the service of a Second Stage Shelter which accommodates  women and children who have experienced domestic violence within their homes. This Second Stage Shelter is the only second shelter in Malta.